Baby & Toddler Classes


We are so excited to announce our new baby & toddler classes! For children aged 9 months - 4 years old.

Parent assisted classes allow you to experience the class with your child. Our classes will be run by one of experienced team who will combine games, music and free play on the equipment to ensure a fun and stimulating class.


Below is the timetable:

Below are some of the benefits for children of each age: 

9 months old - 16 months 

At this age they can work on strength building activities by using our ramps, climbing blocks and soft play. The circle time and music at the beginning of the class are a fun way to encourage social awareness and stimulate early brain development. Introducing your child to new sights, sounds, and movements helps build confidence.

16 months old - 22 months old

Children are gaining skills that allow them to show you what they want, think and feel as they participate in a range of developmental activities on our range of exciting equipment. You can experience, observe and guide your child’s new sense of balance, co-ordination and strength and observe how your child interacts and plays with other children as their learning style begins to emerge.

22 months - 28 months old 

Motor planning is key for our children at this phase of development. We explore circuits and cooperative play using our equipment as a tool for physical, cognitive and social development. Early vocabulary is introduced and parents help children learn to be competent problem solvers: from how to get in and out of the tunnel, to taking turns, to sharing and more.

28 months - 4 years Old 

The children begin to be more independent and really start to develop physically and cognitively. They can start to tackle the circuits alone and explore the equipment, deciding what they would like to do. They will even start to learn basic gymnastics skills like rebounding, rolling, balancing and jumping from a height.