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Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

In these times of uncertainty we want to do our best to make sure all our customers feel as safe as possible. We know how much children need to let off steam and get back into their normal routines so want to keep our classes going as safely as possible. Heres are some quick F.A.Q for what you can expect:
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What basic cleaning procedures will be put in place to limit the risk of infection? 

  • Children will need to use antibacterial gel on their hands before they come into the hall and also after they leave. They will be antibacterial gel available for their use. 

  • Coaches will have between 10 - 15 minutes before and after each class to clean all the equipment and seating areas.

  •  Coaches will be using antibacterial hand gel on their hands before, after and during the classes. 

Does my child need to wear a mask? 

  • Gymnasts are not advised to wear masks but of course if your child wants to wear one then thats absolutely fine. 

Will coaches be wearing masks?

  • Coaches will wear masks when greeting parents at the door and whilst handling the children but not during the warm ups. Gymnastics is a very difficult sport to be socially distant especially for their safety and development of learning. If you do not wish us to handle your child then please do let us know. 

Can parents watch the classes? Do we have to wear masks?

  • In Aspire and NLCS we have viewing galleries and more seats to cater to parents who want to stay.

  • At Stonegrove the cafe and waiting area is currently closed so there will not be as much space. We have a few chairs outside the hall where parents can wait and some benches allocated inside. However we strongly recommend dropping off your children and not staying to limit the amount of numbers in the halls

  • We please ask that Parents to wear masks when watching the class. There will be masks available for use on the door. 


Will there be changing facilities? 

  • All changing rooms are currently closed in all the venues. We ask for children to come dressed for lessons. There is toilets that they can change in but please avoid this unless absolutely necessary.   

What happens if one of the children in my child's class gets COVID?

  • ​Your child's class will be shut down for two weeks and we will inform all parents in that particular class so they can get their child tested. 

  • We will either transfer the two missed classes to next term, try and hold a make up class or refund parents for the two missed classes. 

Will the classes be any different than before? 

  • We want to try to keep the classes as normal and as fun as usual. The class numbers have been dropped by 40% to try to enable the children to practice their gymnastics in a safe way .

  • Children won't be able to run around the room freely and play games but will have to stick to warms ups on their spots. 

  • The circuits will still be the same but with allocated spots for the children to wait on to keep socially distant. 

  • The coaches will not be handling the children as much to reduce the risks but will need to do basic spotting for their learning and development and also safety. They will be wearing masks when spotting. 

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