How do I pay for gymnastics classes?

Payment for classes is done on a termly basis. We ask parents to pay at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of term, so that we know numbers and availbility for each class. 

You can pay by bank transfer to our club account. Details will be emailed to you on class booking.

Does it matter if my child is a beginner? 

No experience for gymnastics is required for our lessons. Children of all abilities are welcome! At NLG we ensure all levels are catered for so your child enjoys their class as much as possible!

Can my child come for a trial? 

Yes we offer a one day paid trial for £10 for the 45 minute classes and £12 for the 1 hour classes. Your child will have the opportunity to join in one of our classes to see if they enjoy gymnastics. If you are interested in a free trial please email us at and we will arrange the best time for you to come in. Please note if you decide to sign up the price of the trial will be deducted from the terms fees. 

Whats the coach to gymnast ratio?

At NLG we aim to make sure all our gymnasts receive as much individual attention as possible. There will always be at least 3 coaches in each lesson with 1 coach to 6-8 children.  

Are your teachers qualified?

At NLG we pride ourselves in having talented, experienced coaches to teach all of our lessons. We ensure all our members of staff are trained in coaching gymnastics to a good quality level. All staff are qualified with the governing body, British Gymnastics and are fully DBS checked. 

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

Yes you can. We will just calculate the price of the term with how many lessons are left. 

Can parents or guardians sit in the class and watch?

We do not allow parents inside the studio to watch as this is often distracting to the children and is not benifical in their learning. However, for our younger children, if they are new or feeling nervous we are happy to let parents sit in for the first few lessons until their child feels confident to be alone. 

We have watching week at the end of each term where we invite parents to come and sit in on their child's lesson to see what they have learnt in the term. 

Is there anywhere for parents to wait? 

Yes in all of our venues we have a waiting area or a viewing gallery. Parents for children over the age of 7 are not requested to stay however we advise our younger members parents to stay near by incase they need you to take them to the bathroom. 

Whats happens if my child cannot attend one week? 

If your child cannot attend a session due to prior commitments, we ask that we are informed either by text or email. All classes are paid for in advance and it is a termly fee, not a weekly fee, so unless there are very special circumstances, money will not be returned for weeks when a student is absent.



We hope the below common questions and answers are useful.

If you do have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us here